Last Friday, the RAWC radiated with positive energy, music pumped from the speakers, and the players practised good sportsmanship, excited to show off their skills on the court. Games ran from 1:30 in the afternoon until the crowning of the champions at 5 p.m.


With about 40 participants, there was no doubt that the posters in the Davis Building had generated an interest among students. There was only one problem: out of all of those participants, only nine of them were female. Many of the teams lacked female players, and the balance is crucial to being eligible for the tournament.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time that female participation was lacking; when it comes to intramural sports at UTM, teams are always looking for more female players. The tournament convenor, fourth-year student Anthony Krmek, solved the problem by allowing the female participants who did show up to play for multiple teams. He also welcomed free agents and late registrants to join the tournament.


Coed basketball at U of T generally follows the same rules as men’s and women’s basketball, except male players are not allowed to play in the key. This rule gives women the upper hand when it comes to rebounding, and defers the taller male players from abusing their size advantage. Each team must have at least two female players on the court at all times. The games during Friday’s tournament were played to 11 points—each basket counted as one point, including foul shots.

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