Call me, maybe?

After having lost last week’s game against Team Blue, the UTM Division 1 Team White wanted to get back to their winning ways against U of T Law.

The Eagles came out on the court early in their white uniforms. They wamred up with a shootaround 15 minutes before the game.

Five minutes before the game was to start, it seemed that U of T Law might not show up. Law had beaten UTM White earlier in the season by a score of 72–58.

At 8 p.m., the referees allowed five minutes for Law to show up, and another five after that. When it was apparent that U of T Law wasn’t going to show up, the referees called the game and it was officially registered as a forfeit.

Coach Nunez called the Eagles into a huddle after the call to give the team a short pep talk.

“I was really looking forward to watching this game,” said Maro Efemuaye, a third-year CCIT student.

UTM White was hoping this game would be their revenge for last week’s game. Instead, they ended up shooting individual trick shots and playing a bit of five-on-five.

Maybe next week they’ll get a chance to even the score, but for now I’m sure they’ll take the default.

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