At a recent Conservative meet-up, anonymous sources have revealed that UTMSU President Atif Abdullah attended and took an intimate selfie with the Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer.

In the photo above, Abdullah is clearly seen wearing a shirt with “Pepe, the frog” (a racist alt-right symbol). He also holds a large sign clearly visible in the photo above that reads: “It’s okay to be white.”

Further analysis of the photo has proven that Andrew Scheer is taking the photo with Abdullah’s phone. Inside the phone case, Abdullah’s government issued ID is visible through the transparent card holder lining.

Upon examining the photo with a microscope, experts were able to reveal that Abdullah is standing beside a man who is standing beside a woman who knows the cousin of Faith Goldy, an alt-right, neo-Nazi sympathizer.

Now when googling ‘Atif Abdullah,’ a swastika appears as the first result.

“I am so disappointed in the UTMSU President,” said third-year student Trisha Constance. “Andrew Scheer obviously does not support the interests of students. For Atif to openly support the Conservative party is deplorable and he should be impeached right away.”

In response to the controversy, Atif Abdullah tweeted in all-caps, “PRESIDENTIAL. HARRASSMENT!”

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