After months of intimately texting back and forth, the UTMSU has ghosted The Medium.

“I thought things were going good. I thought this could’ve been more than a one-time thing,” said a very dissatisfied The Medium.

“Come downstairs, I have pizza and MiWay passes,” the UTMSU sent in an e-mail, to which The Medium responded, “Okay, but only for the pizza and MiWay passes ;)”

From reading the numerous flirty texts, one would think that the UTMSU was interested in The Medium and he would reply to her e-mails. As it stands, The Medium has reported that they have not received any flowers, chocolates, or even an e-mail back.

“It was fun for a night, but the chick’s just too innocent and impartial for a bad boy like me,” the UTMSU said during a date at Kelsey’s with the CFS.

 “CFS? The UTMSU is banging the CFS? I can’t believe it!” The Medium said, shocked and confused.

The UTMSU hasn’t spoken to The Medium since they hooked up in the blind duck washroom four months ago. The Medium reports feeling clingy and obsessive, as if she’s the crazy one.

On-the-record, an anonymous source has confirmed that The UTMSU still talks behind The Medium’s back and wishes they could’ve stayed friends if things had been different.

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