Students hoping to make a profit off their used textbooks can rejoice. Starting at the end of this semester, the UTM Bookstore will launch their new buyback policy where you can return your books and get how much they’re worth back.

“I spent $100 on a required textbook I didn’t even open,” said Penelope Pincher, a second-year student involved in the pilot project. “So, I went to the bookstore at the end of the year, and they gave me a little something back.”

Everyone knows textbooks can be pricey. With the new reselling policy, the UTM Bookstore hopes to alleviate the financial burden for students and provide textbooks to those who need them. For textbooks in high demand, the UTM Bookstore is offering students up to 30.

“They gave me 30 doll hairs,” Pincher told The Medium. “They had, like, a barbie there, right under the counter, and literally tweezed 30 blonde hairs—all meticulously or whatever— and slid it to me in a Ziplock bag.” She continued to describe in gruesome detail how they plucked four hairs from the doll’s scalp. “I lowkey got trypophobia watching it.” She took the doll hairs and put them to good use, using them to practice voodoo.

Penelope, also known as Penny, has been practicing voodoo for two years now with much success. “I highly recommend it! The doll hairs didn’t really do anything, but ever since I’ve been collecting my professors’ hair, I’ve maintained a 4.0 GPA ever since.”

            So next semester, when you lose your head over the prices of textbooks, just try to brush it off your shoulder.

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