We asked the one person who actively reads The Medium what else they can accomplish with a school paper. Here’s what the Editor-in-Chief’s mother had to say:

#5: Recycle! When you feel bad about the environment, recycling is a great way to save the planet. I grab a stack of The Medium and chuck them in the recycling! It only takes two seconds to walk over to the recycling bin and do something good for the campus environment.

#4: Pretend to read it to seem informed! What’s easier than reading? Pretending to read!

#3: Scratch and Sniff! Did you know? Just between you and me, The Medium doesn’t tell anyone, but they cover up their paper with the scent of fresh honey fields! Just like how the CIA covered up Jeffrey Epstein’s murder.

#2: Wrap your fish and chips in it. Fun fact: In the 1940s, fish and chips used to be wrapped in newspaper! Why not keep the tradition alive and put a wrapper ‘round your red snapper!

#1: Don’t be the silly goose on campus! How can you stay informed on the events in your community if you don’t read The Medium? Read The Medium!

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