What was before a mousy, mild-mannered strip mall food hub, the renovated Davis food court now boasts the illusion of something grander—an Erin Mills Town Centre let’s say.

Here is my personal, first-person account of the new food court:

Last I heard, phase two of the Davis renovation promised to introduce ten new food vendors. Before me, there lie nine. A promise, broken. I console myself for one more time too many that week. It’s okay.    

I admire the artisan display of soft drinks. It takes a certain kind of stoic groundedness to take in these sights without effectively losing all semblance of “it.” After all, there are breakfast, salad, and yogurt bars, local produce, and cornball café chalkboards present in every corner.

A closer inspection of the vendor selection nearly transports me to cosmopolitan heights. Yes, to globalization (see Pizza Pizza)!

Salutations to food sensitivities and allergies! I feel seen, heard, almost acknowledged.

The vendors include: Rotisserie & Shawarma, Thai Express, Fusion 8 (Gluten Free), Pizza Pizza, Bespoke (Mongolian Grill), Ooo la-la (you’ll have to ask; there are some questions even I’m not equipped to answer), Fair Trade Corner, and Bento. Oh—we have a Harveys now, too. 

I can barely contain myself. For a moment, I lose myself in the grandness of it all. I am not at the measly Mississauga satellite campus of the University of Toronto. I am in downtown Toronto, at the St. George campus, among the most progressive, diverse students in the entire country. We eat our dairy-free, vegan-drenched, lactose-free, gluten-free, pescatarian, whole-grain, grass-fed food while frolicking on the green field in front of University College.

I click my Fila Disrupters/CDG Converses/Adidas Superstars twice: am I still in Mississauga? Alas, it’s a sin to lie.

Yes, I am still in Mississauga. The MiWay will pick me up within the hour. I have to remember to call my mom back. She wants to know when I’ll be home to do the dishes.

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