Professors have been given a taste of their own medicine as students have resorted to using the website to air out their own grievances in response to the recent fiasco of honest letters of recommendation.

Whereas in the past, has primarily been used as a tool for students to comment on class difficulty and teaching styles, the website has now been crowded with reviews of a more specific kind.

Professor Johnson doesn’t want us to cheat on tests. That’s rich coming from the man who cheats on his wife. How do I know? Same reason my mark jumped from a 60 per cent to an 80 per cent.

Ran into my professor at the gynecologist office. Don’t know why he was there. He muttered something about a cotton swab collection and a bullshit outstanding warrant.

I found the TA’s cringe Tik Tok, it’s @bigmama220

The Medium managed to sit down and talk with Professor Luke Blackwell from the anthropology department who says he believes this is just a result of growing hate between millennials and boomers. 

“Over the past few weeks I’ve had several students raise their hands in class only to shout, ‘Okay, boomer’ at me before running out. It’s honestly made getting up in the morning really difficult.  I’m not even a boomer.” 

Professor Cameron Baker, an expert on Freudian truth, believes that both students and professors are at fault and should put their differences aside and just bang already.

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