In an attempt to help prepare students for the professional world, the Recreational Athletic Wellness Centre and Career Centre are teaming up to offer pole dancing classes. This new initiative comes after the Career Centre received multiple alumni complaints of the school failing to provide more practical skills for the workplace.

“After I graduated with a degree in Art History, I couldn’t find any work except for the night shift at Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club,” said one alumna. “I really had to rely on the training the job gave me, since no one was willing to discuss the colonial influence on the male gaze while I gave them a lap dance. Feels like I wasted four years when I could’ve been here. I would’ve been able to do a carousel spin by now.”

A spokesperson from the Career Centre told The Medium, “Our main goal is to encourage the professional development of all of our students, and we now realize that in today’s economy, we need to prepare students for all types of careers, whether it is sex work, food couriering, or the noble career of dog walking. It’s 2019. The workplace is no longer an office—it could be your car, or an app, or a VIP private room.”

The classes promise to help you develop valuable professional skills, like navigating a hostile work environment, managing money, dressing for success, nailing a first impression, and executing a 360 scorpion twist while nude.           

The reaction to this initiative has been intense, with scantily clad students flocking to the class in droves, causing the course to suffer from massive waitlists. This overwhelming demand for pole dancing classes has led the RAWC to add two more class sessions and enforce a stricter dress code.

After the success of the initial class, the Career Centre is planning on offering workshops in various other fields. Course titles include “How to Secure a Sugar Daddy,” “Claiming Your Corner,” and “Camgirl 101.”

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