We at The Medium have decided to not discuss the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (even though we have published an op-ed related to it). We refuse to comment on the parallels of racially motivated genocide that exists in Gaza now to the genocide that occurred in Germany during the Holocaust. They say sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you. Well, we at The Medium, have no interest in using words to hurt a certain group of people with an affinity for stones.

We will not discuss the wanton death of children on both sides of the conflict, and we certainly don’t recommend you read Johnathon Swift’s essay, “A Modest Proposal,” for ideas on how to deal with said problem.

You see, we at The Medium, are a pragmatic bunch.  We know nationality and religion are touchy subjects and the last thing we want is for our funding from the Schwartzman Foundation of Deep Pocketed Semitics to be cut. Nor will we waste your time arguing our point that two religious groups with a shared view on circumcision should probably get along more. 

We just won’t do it so don’t expect us to.

We understand that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a nuanced issue that requires a lot of time and dedication of reading history and studying the sociopolitical norms of the region to truly appreciate.  Children are dying, but, we at The Medium, are more concerned about the context of their death. That is, if we were to ever talk about it.

So, once again:  we will not be discussing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  We’re not touching it.  We’re not thinking about it.  Really, it’s some old drama that’s happening on the other side of the world. We should be focusing on more pressing local matters like why water fountains in Parliament are only labelled in English and not Français.

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