Reality checks have spread across campus as professors have taken to writing completely honest letters of recommendation for their students.

“The fact that I have bad body odour shouldn’t count against me,” said Stephanie Mason, who claims her letter of recommendation from a fourth-year biology professor ruined her self-esteem.

“What does he mean I’m ‘too dependent on coffee?’ I basically sleep through all my professor’s lectures!” said Mo Khan, a sixth-year computer science student.

“It’s about reintroducing honest dialogue to the conversation,” sociology professor Barbara Greene told The Medium. “We’re giving students a chance to allow what makes them unique become the thing that they get recognition for. It’s just a shame UTM students don’t have any redeeming qualities to begin with.”

The Medium found more letters of recommendations in the garbage along with past issues of the newspaper:

Although student’s philosophical account of the dangers of skeptics was rather intriguing, I had to politely request they continue the discussion after I finished at the urinal.

Student asked questions they already knew the answers to. Again, you know I’m twice divorced. You don’t have to ask me more than once. It’s on the slides…

Students plan on pushing back against the overly honest letters by submitting honest reviews on

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