In this past Friday’s pre-season NBA game featuring the Raptors versus the Brooklyn Nets, dozens of protesters were seen wearing “Stand With Hong-Kong” shirts and waving signs reading “Human Rights Matter Here + There.” The protests were a result of tweets and comments made by NBA players Lebron James and James Harden. In a tweet that sparked the outrage, Harden tweeted “We love China.”

Producer Andrew Duncan, known for pro-democracy films such as 1977’s Slapshot, reportedly bought 300 tickets for Hong-Kong supporters to protest in the stands.

The Medium caught up with a father and his son who were coerced by Duncan to join him at the game. “Me and my son were just going to head down to the pier to count shellfish but then Andrew Duncan came up to us and gave me tickets if I promised to support Hong-Kong,” said now-Pro Hong-Kong citizens extremist Bruce Halladeigh. “Hong-Kong is scary! We’d much rather protest from the bleachers!”

When asked about his next steps in pro-democracy activism, Andrew Duncan told The Medium he would be buying tickets to see a Blue Jays game, picking between Olive Garden and Milestones, adopting a puppy, hosting charter fishing trips for families up to eight people, and getting his spook on at this year’s Halloween Haunt.

“You know what all those places have in common? Less tear-gas and more air-conditioning.”

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