For all those shawtys with a screwed up back, you too can flex your curved spine by dressing as a skeleton with scoliosis. No longer the nerd’s disorder, girls from all around the world are showing off their back braces and x-ray scans, and reaping the sweet, sweet reward. So arch that back ladies, and you’ll be a hit.

Ever wanted to go on the date of your life with a hot guy? Well, grab some circular sunglasses, flared pants, and a misunderstanding of what it’s like to be a murder victim, and you too could be Ted Bundy’s next victim!

Have a favourite anime, video game, superhero, or book? Having trouble picking which character to be? Why not be every single cosplay character at once! While being so many characters at once, you’ll be guaranteed to be the star of everyone’s ‘For You’ page.

Do you miss the simplicity of 2016, before Trump was elected, Vine ended, and killer clowns chased people all across the globe? Did you get played by a boy you knew was no good for you? Do you love Insane Clown Posse? Well, grab some lipstick, and look in the mirror because you’re a clown! All you have are negative thoughts!

For all of the former theatre kids incapable of developing any sense of maturity, Tik Tok’s got you covered! The app has so many musicals to choose from, the most popular being Beetlejuice and Heathers, two fan favourite cult films rehashed into musicals to cash in on nostalgia. To complete your scary good costume, try combining vertical black and white stripes with your obnoxious personality, or combine plaid patterns with half-baked attempts at lip syncing.

Teens these days are terrifying enough, but with these trendy costumes, you’ll be the scariest thing to hit the internet since it was revealed Tik Tok may just be a vehicle for the Chinese government to spy on you.

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