The internet is abuzz following the release of the new dating app, Slaughter Daughter™.  The app pairs hot suicidal teens with serial killers.

The Medium caught up with creator Eric Harris last week to talk about the app. “I wanted to create a way for every girl with smooth skin who smells of my mother who passed when she had me due to complications to live out their fantasy of dating a serial killer.”

Slaughter Daughter™ includes many features for you to live out your preferred method of death. With GPS location tracking always on, there’s no need to swipe for a man—he’ll come to you!

“There’s no real point to the app. I’m scared for my life when I meet any guy,” said sociology student Abby Stevens.

The app has received backlash due to its euthanasic nature. Mental Health awareness initiatives have criticized the app for promoting self-harm and suicide. Pro-life clubs have spoken against the app because it goes against the conservation of life.

We caught up with the ghost of first and last time Slaughter Daughter™ user, Allison Cheeks. “It’s my body, my choice. If I want to get slaughtered with a machete, that’s nobody else’s business.”

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