The vice president of university affairs at the University of Toronto Students’ Union, Carina Zhang, has resigned her position through an email on September 3rd.

According to Mathias Memmel, UTSU’s president in an email to The Medium, Zhang resigned her position due to personal reasons.

“I was aware of her personal situation and she was given every accommodation, but she didn’t inform us of her intention to resign until Sunday evening. I ask that her privacy be respected,” Memmel wrote.

In light of Zhang’s resignation, the UTSU will be hiring a new vice-president of university affairs. According to Memmel, a shortlisting committee will interview potential applicants.

“If an executive resigns after 31 July, the Board of Directors appoints a replacement,” explained Memmel, “The committee is normally composed of both executives and directors. The process will start at the next board meeting, on 20 September.”

As of press time, Memmel did not specify how long the process is expected to take or the exact date when a new executive will be announced.

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