David Pike

The unofficial results of the 2011 UTSU elections were announced on Friday. After an election that garnered an aproximate 7 percent voter turnout, the candidates of Unite for Action will represent 45 000 students at the University of Toronto in the coming year.

Although the results still need to be approved, next year’s executives will be President Danielle Sandhu, VP Internal Corey Scott, VP External Shaun Sheperd, VP University Affairs Clara Ho, and VP Equity Lina Elamin. The slate will step into their new roles as of May 2011.

After Students First withdrew from the elections, the only contested position was for VP Internal. Candidate Nathaniel Tang ran as the sole independent candidate against Unite for Action candidate, Corey Scott. The other four positions were left to a “Yes” or “No” vote.

In comparison to last year’s UTSU elections, which included the slates Stronger Together and Change, voter turnout dropped by more than half. In total, just over 3000 students visited the polling stations.

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