The UTSU board of directors has impeached its VP campus life Akshan Bansal effective December 30.

In a statement, the UTSU board of directors cited recent accusations of attempted sexual assault against Bansal as among the primary reasons for the impeachment.

“Given that Mr. Bansal has previously been accused of sexually inappropriate conduct as well as of failing to fulfill his responsibilities as an executive, the board concluded that his conduct, especially in relation to the most recent accusation, had made his position untenable,” read the statement.

Bansal did not respond to The Medium’s previous request for comment on the allegations.

The UTSU board had voted on the impeachment in two separate motions at an emergency meeting downtown on Wednesday—one motion was to impeach Bansal as an executive member of UTSU and a second was to impeach him as a director on UTSU’s board.

According to the statement, the vote—which required a two-thirds majority to pass—was 24 in favour and two against, with one abstention and one spoiled ballot.

The move came following a December 14 statement by UTSU executives calling on the board of directors to impeach Bansal.

The Medium is following up for further details.

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