Transit and parking were among the main topics discussed by UTMSU at its second commission meeting held last Thursday.

UTMSU says that they will try to consult with the university, as well as with MiWay Transit, to come up with a plan to acquire more buses that stop at UTM so that students who live further away have easier access to campus. UTMSU said efforts will be made to receive more buses so that every student has easier access to transportation for school.

UTMSU also discussed efforts to try to decrease the cost of parking. A new parking deck is currently in the works but parking fare will be increased to $14. The commissioners were in favour of a GTA U-Pass, which would give students access to transit across the GTA.

Attendees were also informed about USkills, a program offered by UTMSU to give students the opportunity to host their own classes and teach others. Instructors are funded $200 per semester for supplies.

UTMSU also encouraged students to vote on October 19, announcing that there will be a federal election forum at UTM on September 30 in IB 120 for any students who have questions or concerns that they would like addressed.

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