UTMSU’s sixth Commission Meeting last Tuesday focused on new plans with MiWay and campaigns concerning fees.



According to UTMSU president Hassan Havili, union representatives will discuss extending the 110 bus schedule with MiWay next month.

The last 110 bus comes at around 11 p.m., which is allegedly inconvenient for some students.

UTMSU will also talk to Mississauga Transit about increasing the number of 44S buses running in the morning, which quickly fill up.

Havili also said that UTMSU will look at the possibility of adding photo ID to the U-Pass so that students do not have to present their T-Card.

This will also help eliminate fraudulent use of the U-Pass, he said.

UTMSU is considering arranging for a Presto pass for students, since the U-Pass only covers MiWay services and does not work in other systems such as Brampton and Oakville transit.



Havili also enumerated a number of campus fees to the attending students.

These include per-course and per-program fees, ancillary fees to the university, and incidental fees, like the $12 cost of ordering a transcript.

Havili criticized high schools for not teaching students how to budget for these fees as well as living expenses, adding that this is not only the university’s problem.



At the meeting, UTMSU also explained the university’s decision-making process, noting that decisions start with the Campus Councils, whose decisions are eventually brought forward to Governing Council.

According to Havili, the heated bus shelter and food truck rotation on Thursdays are a result of “speaking up”.

He added that the U-Pass, an initiative spearheaded by Aubrey Iwaniw in 2004 and negotiated by admin and UTMSU with Mississauga Transit until its implementation in 2007, saves students over $1,000 per year.

He encouraged students to take action regarding their dissatisfaction with fees and asked them to attend meetings to that end.

Havili also mentioned UTMSU’s “Know Your Rights Campaign”, which began on January 12 and runs till February 13. The campaign will address housing, employment, justice, and academics.

At the end of the meeting, some students expressed their dissatisfaction with Turnitin.com, alleging that they have a right to refuse it.

The next Commission Meeting will take place in February.

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