The University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union released a statement on its Facebook page last Thursday on the Provincial Day of Action, advocating for students’ rights and concerns.

“The mandate of the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union has always been and always will be to advocate for our students’ rights, to voice our students’ concerns and to advance the common interests of students at UTM,” read the statement. “It is these beliefs that have led us to fight for numerous campaigns throughout the years.”

UTMSU outlined some of their demands on the Provincial Day of Action including free education, affordable transit, and OHIP for the international students who, according to the student union, pay three times more than domestic students.

The statement also highlights UTMSU’s work on the GTA U-PASS throughout the past year with coalition partners to “alleviate this huge burden.” As for the free education, the union emphasized the importance of free education to “prioritize a quality, publicly funded education system.”

In light of the Provincial Day of Action, UTMSU held an “All Out” day that featured a banner drop in the CCT building that pointed the three demands mentioned in their statement. The day also featured the chance for voter registration, games and prizes, and free food.

Ending their online statement, the UTMSU executives said: “As your students’ union, we want your voice to be heard. We want your voice to aid in the creation of a democratic and equitable society all across the province. As students, our strength lies in our power and the only way to move forward is if we remain united.” They also asked students to voice their demands and concerns, as well as to vote for the Ontario provincial elections that are coming up on June 7th this year.

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