After almost five years of lobbying with the administration, UTMSU has announced on their Facebook page that they have successfully lobbied to eliminate the $35 exam remark fee.

In an email to The Medium, UTMSU president Nour Alideeb stated that over the past few months, the union has compared how other campuses offer the exam remark fee to students.

“We emphasized the importance of saving students money, because they already pay so much money in tuition,” said Alideeb.

According to Alideeb, in the past few years of negotiations, the administration has been “reluctant” to remove the fee. When asked what drove UTMSU’s incentive to work on this service, Alideeb stated that students have been coming to UTMSU to bring up their concerns of how the remark fee is a “burden” to them.

“Students should have the right to see their exam and not have to pay for a remark, and thankfully, now they don’t have to,” Alideeb said.

Alideeb also clarified that the union does not have statistics of the number of students who paid to remark their exams, but she explained that there have been several students who wouldn’t ask to get their exams remarked “just because of that fee.”

“Thus far, students have responded very positively to this victory,” Alideeb said, adding that the UTMSU is holding campaigns that call for eliminating the fees, like the Campaigns and Advocacy Commission, which is scheduled to take place this week on January 24.

Alideeb stated that UTMSU’s next goal is to eliminate the exam viewing fee for $15.

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