On Friday, November 2nd, the UTMSU held its second Board of Director’s meeting for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The monthly board meetings are held in order for the union to present to the Board of Directors the work their executive team has done or plans on accomplishing.

Topics discussed included the Fall by-elections and the designation of roles to several UTMSU subcommittees.

The elections CRO, Athisaya Satgururajah, presented the by-election report to the Board of Directors. Bryan Duy and Sheri Filjazi were both elected as Division I representatives for the Board of Directors.

A total of 16 nomination packages were picked up by UTM students, but only 9 were returned. None were returned for Divisions IV and V. Positions for these Divisions remain vacant.

Election violations are posted on the UTMSU’s wall of transparency. The Board of Directors moved to destroy the ballots and elections materials following the meeting.

The Board of Directors voted on fulfilling vacancies for several subcommittees. Among these were the Executive Review Committee, the Budget Committee, Policy and Procedures Committee, Clubs Committee, Green Grants Committee, and the Elections and Referenda Committee. Positions for each were filled by the sitting Board of Directors.

Fulfilment of positions in the Bursary Committee, responsible for overseeing the distribution of UTMSU’s bursary funds, was tabled to the next meeting in order to allow the incumbent committee members to complete application review.

Atif Abdullah, UTMSU’s VP External, told The Medium that meeting minutes, once approved by the Board of Directors, are posted online in up to two weeks’ time.

The University of Toronto Mississauga Student Union’s minutes for their board meeting are meant to be posted to their website, however minutes from the current union’s meetings have been absent from their website since July 2018.

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