UTmail+ ready to launch

New information about UTmail+ has surfaced since last week. After a migration to the new email server, old emails will not automatically carry over to the new account. Students must download a tool through the HelpDesk Resources, located on the UTmail+ website. Emails received after the migration will be automatically rerouted to the new account.


“The library is facilitating communication between the students and those involved with this tri-campus initiative,” said Eva Stepanian, UTM’s social media librarian. “The library is not the force behind this migration, but more of a helping hand for a smoother, more comfortable transition.”


The new email rollout is set for Monday, January 30, and includes two weeks of prizes for those who switch over.


“Each weekday from the 30th, a random name will be drawn for that day’s prize,” says Stepanian. “Students who migrate their emails will be automatically entered into these draws and will be notified by email if they’ve won.”


The prizes mentioned are currently undecided. Students needn’t enroll on the day of the draw to be eligible; everyone is eligible for every draw on the days following their enrolment.


The draws will be held each day in the technology room of the library, and the result of each one will be updated on the library’s Twitter account (@UTMLibrary).

This migration affects not only all of UTM but also all of U of T, including St. George and Scarborough.


“The new UTmail+ looks clean and feels very open,” says Alek Holm, an English and professional writing student. “It’s more user-friendly and inviting. I’m excited to put it to use with the new, more organized design.”


“The old email cluttered my taskbar with extra windows and tabs,” says Kerris Seko, an anthropology specialist. “But the new email looks sleek and organized. I can actually access sent and deleted emails.”


The developers hope to work out some bugs with linking secondary email accounts to grad and student accounts by the launch date.


Students can migrate their email accounts prior to the rollout date (and will still be eligible for the draws), but access to all features of the program won’t be available until January 30.


“We can’t stress enough how important it is for students to migrate as soon as possible,” says Stepanian. “We don’t know when, but eventually the old UTOR accounts will become obsolete. So switch over as soon as possible.”

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