UTMAC elections engage students

Three slates are running in the elections for the 2012/13 UTM Athletic Council. The members of all three are vying for seven individual positions. The open positions for next year are VP administration, director of special projects, VP finance, director of public relations, director of intramurals, director of campus recreation and wellness, and president, all coming together to provide athletic events and opportunities for UTM students.


With the increase in competition, the slates’ campaigns reach beyond on-campus lobbying; the slates are also using social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, to reach out to the UTM student body.


In past years, UTMAC elections have included an all-candidates debate as a forum for students to question the candidates. A debate has not been scheduled this year.

The orange slate, All Students Actively Participating (ASAP) want to restore a lost pride to the UTM community.


“That’s what we’re talking about—just bringing that sense of community back,” Akcagliyan said. “I heard a couple of years ago there was this one instance where it was like a championship game: all the fans from the bleachers ran down and went behind the net and were waving their hands while someone was shooting their free throw. I want something like that.”


RAWC U, the green party, is led by Marz Haque. He stated that his slate is an ensemble of the most qualified individuals, carefully selected to make the best team possible to serve on the athletic council. Haque looks to increase the visibility of UTMAC through strong promotion and hype for all UTM events.


“How many times have you seen our mascot going around promoting our events? Some students go, ‘Oh, we have a mascot?’ ” Haque said. “The students are paying for this. Now, my goal is to get the mascot out every time we have an event like a week ahead and get volunteers.”


“Yes We Can”, the party decked out in black and yellow, includes incumbents Mike Jamieson and Ramzy Kaouji. Their presidential candidate, Adam Niaz, who previously aided UTMAC as an associate, stresses innovation and the experience of his team members as a factor that separates them from their opponents.


“Through my campaign I’m talking to students and I’m getting really good ideas,” Niaz said. “So we’re trying to get students what they want, and what they will enjoy. And this year we’re trying to go even beyond what we did last year.”


The results will be released at the Athletic Banquet on March 30.

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