The University of Toronto has made it their goal to address problems cities and urban centres are facing by establishing a new “School of Cities.”

According to their website, the school aims to bring together “urban-focused researchers, educators, students, practitioners, and the general public” to address challenges and make cities and urban regions “more sustainable, prosperous, inclusive and just.”

The School of Cities funds urban-focused research, as well as education and outreach initiatives that are carried out by members of the U of T community.

The maximum award for small grants, such as education and outreach initiatives, is $1000.

The largest grant U of T members can apply for is the $50, 000 Research Urban Challenge Research Grants.

To be eligible, there must be participation from at least four U of T departments, two U of T campuses, one community group, one city, and a minimum team commitment of two years. As of now, no one has received funding for the grant.

The Medium will be publishing more details as the story develops.

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