An open letter, signed by over one hundred university students, student unions, and organizations across Canada was sent to the University of Toronto administration calling for the termination of Professor Jordan Peterson.

The open letter comes after news of Peterson’s intent to launch a controversial site aimed to target courses in the humanities and women and gender studies.

Faculty from the Women and Gender Studies Institute have previously approached the university as well to intervene after the site was brought to their attention.

“It is the purpose of this open letter to call on the University to take appropriate and commensurate action. With the aim of supporting and protecting all individuals who are directly and indirectly harmed by Prof. Peterson’s behaviour, we, the undersigned, herewith request the immediate dismissal of Prof. Peterson.”

The letter alleges that Peterson is in violation of the university’s Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters citing that he is attempting to “disadvantage others by disruptive behaviour is unacceptable.”

“However, the mere fact that such an aggressive and damaging initiative was proposed by a tenured University of Toronto professor is unacceptable. Prof. Peterson’s intended project would specifically target the academic integrity of and student enrolment in Women and Gender Studies, “racial and ethnic groups studies,”[4] and the humanities in its broadest sense, contravening the University’s Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, which states the University’s responsibility to ensure that “malevolent or even mischievous disruption”[5] is not permitted to threaten the educational process,” the letter reads.

This article is still developing; more updates to follow.

Click here to read the full letter.


  1. Will it do anything though? He is already spreading his vacuous epistemology and Christian agenda everywhere. By undermining objective truth as have indeed been confirmed to me upon watching his podcast with Sam Harris, Peterson is truly a huge threat to scientific thought. But, terminating him would make his support among rightwing crackpots grow even further. This is how he got famous in the first place. Nobody cared about him otherwise.

    Science must be protected from postmodernists, including rightwing postmodernists like Jordan Peterson. Don’t give validity to superstitious relativists like Jordan Peterson, especially that it seems that ani-enlightenment rhetoric is growing greatly around the world in this day and age. So unfortunate.

    Reason is in jeopardy.

    • Can you elaborate on your idea of rightwing postmodernism? I’m an admirer of Peterson, but I’m intrigued by your accusation.

      • Jordan Peterson derogates objective reality and subordinates it to some meta-truth that is based on utility. “If it’s useful, it’s true” order of nonsense. To him, factual truth is meaningless unless it is nested within some overarching Darwinian framework with implications on survival, in his case, a “Judea-Christian metaphysics” or something of the sort.

        If this meta-truth has a detrimental effect on humanity’s survival, then it is less true. Basically something has to be usefully true to be true and in his case, this Judea-Christian metaphysics is essential to our Darwinian perspective. He basically subordinates scientific fact to this higher-truth that he made up just to smuggle in his Christianity.

        By bracketing objective truth with our anthropocentric perspectives, Peterson is denying objective reality. That is because objective reality exists independent of any experience of it. All experience is ultimately the result of it. Objective truths are true even if we are not aware of them.

        But, this is the oldest trick of the game that sophists like Peterson use for their ideological gain: project alternative definitions of reality and redefine basic epistemological terms to circumvent the intellectual responsibility of a rational explanation.

        He is a constructivist postmodernist who doesn’t believe in objective truth, exactly what he decries. Cannot utter a single statement that is bereft of relativist obscurantism.

        Project nonsense dressed up as reality. Yet, I fail to understand why he has so many followers. People are not rational as I thought.

        • What a lot or doublespeak, what about addressing something he actually said? Your half baked pseudo intellectual assertions are not going to cut it.

        • I’ve listened to his lectures extensively. That’s a fancy way of saying he examines the lessons of Judea-Christian stories. The fundamental truths within religion itself. At no point does he deny objective reality, this is simply biased conjecture. You’re a humanities major aren’t you?

          • No. Says so much about your logic that you just assumed someone must be a humanities major because they criticized Peterson.

            Also, “truths within religion” lol, what an oxymoron. There is nothing truthful within religion. Religion is anti-science superstition and your faith is a joke.

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