Professor Ulrich Krull was officially installed UTM’s ninth principal in a ceremony on November 16th after taking the oath of office.

Krull was led into the room by a bagpipe procession and other high-ranking University officials such as UTM’s vice-president academic and dean Amrita Daniere and U of T’s president Meric Gertler.

Gertler presented opening remarks regarding the history of the Mississauga campus and its growth over the last fifty years.

“UTM has grown from a small college within the faculty of Arts and Science to a multi-faculty campus that is larger than many universities in Canada. It is now a truly academic hub of the Western GTA. A crucial engine of economic and social prosperity in the region. And a vital component of the U of T unique tri-campus system,” Gertler said.

“Ulrich Krull brings to the role a long history of leadership in this vibrant academic community and an exciting vision for its future. He exemplifies UTM’s commitment to excellence in teaching and research and he’s an outstanding advocate and participant in its civic partnerships for which it’s so well known,” he added.

Gertler then administered the oath of office to Krull after which UTMSU’s president Salma Fakhry and the president of the UTM Association of Graduate students Arjan Banerjee, replaced Krull academic regalia with the robe of the principal.

Professor Andrea Sass-Kortsak remarked that “UTM fuels economic and social prosperity in the surrounding community and well beyond. It is also an important source of innovation and diversity and strength in our tri-campus system. In the past decade alone, change has been key to our tri-campus growth.” Sass-Kortsak also remarked on the recent growth of the Mississauga campus, in terms of new departments as well as ongoing capital projects.

“I’m sure that I speak for all the faculty, librarians and staff, when I say that we are happily anticipating the new directions in which you will take this campus over the next few years,” said Daniere, addressing Krull.

Following the greetings from the guest speakers, Krull presented a speech about the future of the campus and UTM’s role within the City of Mississauga, as well as establishing a global presence.

“We are celebrating ourselves, we are celebrating a community, this is something we do because in a sense we are celebrating what we are and who we are,” he said, “It is a significant impact that this campus has made, that the faculty and staff and students have made together.”

Krull stated that he approaches the future through priorities outlined by president Gertler’s vision for U of T, specifically referencing the reinvestment in undergraduate education, establishing relationships within the local community, and creating a global sense of impact.

Krull stressed the importance of improving student communication and the creation of a new procedure that focuses on developing student communication throughout their programs.

“What you’ll see over the next year or two is the implementation of new protocols that will allow us to focus on some of the skill sets that sometimes are integrated into our programs but sometimes are not,” he said.

Krull also emphasized the importance of establishing relationships and working in conjunction with the city of Mississauga and other municipalities.

“The relationship we have as UTM with the city of Mississauga and the region of peel is something that is rather special,” Krull stated, “They understand the significance that our graduates will have in driving forward the social-based and economic base of the city, and we take a responsibility to serve the city in that sense. This is not just done by holding our hands out asking for money. We take full responsibility for fulfilling that particular mandate.”

Krull questioned UTM’s responsibility within the tri-campus system and how UTM can pay homage to U of T’s overall vision and reputation, primarily through research and innovation. “You need to understand that the celebration we have today is a celebration of each and every one of you and the contributions you make in your own areas, because it’s a collective, that really creates the future.”

The ceremony concluded with a reception in the Innovation Complex.

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