U of T responds to transphobic threats

U of T has sent an email to its community members, students, and faculty, addressing threats it alleges were made on social media against some members of the trans community at U of T.

The email was sent on October 14 in response to comments made on social media following professor Jordan Peterson’s rally held this past Tuesday.

“We condemn these threats,” said U of T’s letter, signed by Cheryl Regehr, vice-president and provost, and Kelly Hannah-Moffat, vice-president human resources and equity.

“We are working closely with University of Toronto Campus Police, Toronto Police Service, and the U of T Community Safety Office to support the individuals who have received these threats. The situation is being actively monitored,” they said.

UTMSU released a letter on October 6 in response to U of T psychology professor, Jordan Peterson, alleging that his comments in videos he posted on political correctness were “transphobic” and “racist”.

“I am very disappointed in the lack of response from the administration. So far the university has only spoken to us indirectly through the media,” stated Denio Lourenco, UTMSU’s LGBTQ coordinator in an email to The Medium.

“They are aware of the threats have been made against me and other individuals, yet they have not contacted any of us directly. Instead, our VP and provost decided once again to indirectly communicate with us via the recent safety alert,” Lourenco added.

This story is developing; more updates to follow.

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  1. Here is an update:

    Dr. Peterson said he will not take down
    his videos or apologize. He stressed that he has a long history of good
    teaching reviews and a clinical practice as a psychologist.

    have 500 hours of YouTube videos online, and I defy anyone to go
    through those videos line by line and find one word I’ve said that was
    bigoted or hateful,” he said.

    “If what I
    put up on YouTube objecting to an unpassed piece of legislation is
    enough to cost me my career, then I can tell you that the university’s
    days are done.”

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