The University of Toronto (U of T) was ranked 10th in Forbes magazine’s annual list of Canada’s best employers. In addition to U of T being among the top ten ranked businesses, they were also the highest university employer on the list.

“We invest in our people so they can be their best at U of T,” said Erin Jackson, U of T’s chief human resources officer of Human Resources & Equity, in an interview with UTM News.

“From taking steps to close the gender pay gap to creating pathways for under-represented students and offering unconscious bias training for faculty and staff,” said Jackson,” we work hard to ensure our community investments are sustainable and tailored to meet the diverse needs of all members.”

According to Jackson, “the university has a longstanding and fundamental commitment to developing and advancing an intentionally inclusive working and learning environment.”

The U of T ensures that their employees receive a comprehensive and competitive array of benefits that include compensation, maternal and paternal leave, child care assistance, tuition waivers, and planned retirement.

“Forbes partnered with market research company Statista to identify the companies liked best by employees in our annual ranking of Canada’s best employers,” said Forbes in their release of Canada’s best employer list.  

Forbes surveyed 8,000 Canadians working for companies that have at least 500 employees. According to Forbes, “The respondents were asked to rate, on a scale of zero to 10, how likely they’d be to recommend their employer to others.” Based on the results, Forbes compiled a list of 300 companies within Canada.

The U of T has a total of 7,198 employees that span across the three campuses in the GTA. Specifically looking at the Mississauga campus (UTM), the students take pride in knowing that they are receiving their education from a highly ranked education facility.

“It feels good to go to an institution where the education is not only prestigious in terms of academics but also employability. If the professors enjoy their jobs and where they work, it reassures me that I am receiving the best education possible,” said Caitlyn Rajkumar, an English major at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM).

The U of T’s high rank in Forbes magazine’s annual listing benefits the university’s employees and the university as a whole.

If professors are treated well and are happy in their current employment then they will put more effort into their lectures and in the students’ successes, Rajkumar suggested. Students will want to attend and will continue to attend a university where they feel that they are gaining the most from, which contributes to the overall growth of the school.

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