In celebration of International Women’s Day last Tuesday, UTM’s Because I Am a Girl Club held an awareness campaign throughout the week to inform students about gender inequalities present in developing and Westernized countries.

In Davis and the Student Centre last Monday to Wednesday, club volunteers set up information booths to educate and inform students about issues related to gender inequality, human rights, feminism, and misogyny. The booths also provided information comparing gender roles in various countries around the world.

“Gender inequality is still very much real, and the more awareness we can generate about this, the closer we become to solving the problem,” said UTM’s Because I Am a Girl promotions executive, Nicole DiLeonardo, in an interview with The Medium.

Since its launch last September, the club regularly sells Popeye’s on campus and hosts activities to raise funds to sponsor one male and two female children in a developing country through Plan Canada’s Because I Am a Girl program. According to Shireen Owis, the club’s VP internal affairs, the cost of achieving their goal is approximately $1,400. So far, the club has raised approximately $1,100 and is close to meeting their goal by the end of the semester.

“The celebration of International Women’s Day this week is the perfect opportunity to educate students in a fun and engaging way,” said Owis, who also explained that the club prides itself on promoting basic human rights and equality for both men and women.

The activities also allowed students to win prizes and learn more about the realities and myths surrounding gender biases and persisting inequalities. Activities included a spin-the-wheel game, quiz, and photo booths. In addition to informative pamphlets, club members handed out cake and pink lemonade to students. Students also had the opportunity to win tickets to the Sky Zone and Archery District.

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