Students flock to talent show

UTMSU hosted the third annual “UTM’s Got Talent” last Wednesday. Nearly 300 students and faculty attended. The event was held at the Blind Duck Pub, where the pub’s full-time staff and UTM volunteers helped organize the spectacle.

Prizes were awarded to the first- and second-place winners in three categories: dance, song, and novelty. The acts were judged by a jury consisting of staff, students, and alumni, namely professor Dax, Andrew Laila, Dee Harison, Zidannne Lewis, and Leah Robertson.

The first-place winners of the talent show will have a chance to compete in the tri-campus  competition, at U of T’s Got  Talent.

“I am amazed at the turnout this year!” declared Yasmine Youssef, associate to the VP Equity of UTMSU.

“There is a lot of talent at UTM, and it is important for people to come out and showcase their great gifts—not to mention it’s a great way to release stress,” said Christopher Thompson, VP Campus Life.

In the dance category, Rhythm won first place and Dabkeh won second. In the song category, Christian and Sandra won first place with their rendition of “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele, and there was a tie for second place between Northern Souls and Matthew Butler, who sang “Come Fly with Me”. In the novelty category, the first prize was awarded to Stephen Ho, a yo-yo artist, and the second to Arun Babber, a magician.

“This year’s event proves that the arts is a field worth investing in,” Youssef said.

Over 300 students attended this year’s talent show.
Over 300 students attended this year’s talent show.

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