Students dance the night away

Students waited in hordes last Thursday night by the Blind Duck doors in anticipation of First Pub, dubbed “Tight and Bright”, well before doors opened at 10 p.m. This is the first time the pub night has been held during Welcome Week.

“The crowd was crazy. We had so many people with so much energy,” said Grayce Slobodian, VP campus life, in an email interview. “I think the most exciting thing about First Pub for people is getting to see their friends after the summer break.”

Slobodian said she was excited to be hosting her first pub in this capacity.

The DJs at the event were from ICS Nation, whose DJs have been employed at UTM’s pub events for years. ICS Nation DJs also perform at many events in downtown Toronto.

In the past years, the Blind Duck has hosted various events, including Techno Night, Caribbean Night, Sexual Awareness Pub, Halloween Pub, and Last Pub.

The event’s 500 tickets went on sale for $10 each on the first day of classes, and were quickly sold out to students and their guests.

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