Seven fire alarms in three months

The last fire alarm went off on Wednesday in CCT

UTM has experienced seven fire alarms since January, with the most recent alarm occurring in the CCT building last Wednesday.

According to Campus Police Services manager Robert Messacar, there were various causes for each fire alarm, which have been triggered in four buildings on campus.

“The causes themselves are quite varied, caused by human error when contractors were working on systems; an elevator belt slipping and burning out; rain water seeping into a system and shorting it out; and in one case, people illegally smoking in an enclosed area setting off a smoke alarm,” said Messacar. “None of the alarms were actually malicious in nature.”

According to Messacar, fire services must attend to every incident that involves the triggering of a fire alarm as per Fire Code regulations, and fire services must arrive on scene to allow for every fire alarm to be silenced.

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