The UTM Sexual Education and Peer Counselling Centre held a “Sensational Oral Sex” workshop last Thursday in the Davis Building to teach students about sexual anatomy and the techniques and precautions related to oral sex.

James Boutilier, the external education coordinator of SEC, and Neena Fernando, a peer counselling volunteer at SEC, led the workshop. They addressed fellatio and cunnilingus, the oral stimulation of the male and female genitals respectively.

They began the talk by outlining the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections through oral sex. Fellatio is low-risk for HIV, but not for bacterial infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and viral infections like herpes and syphilis; cunnilingus is high-risk for HIV during menstruation, since blood carries the virus, said Boutilier.

“If you do deep-throat, which means taking [the penis] into the throat, you can actually get a throat infection. If you’ve ever deep-throated, your throat hurts like hell in the morning,” said Boutilier. “If you brush your teeth or floss before oral sex, you’re going to have blood exposed in your gums, which can put you at a higher risk for STIs.”

Fernando explained the similarities between the clitoris and the penis.

“The clitoris is like a mini-penis. The head of the clitoris is like the head of the penis. The G-spot is like the shaft of the penis itself, so they have very similar aspects,” she said. “After all, [males and females] do all start the same, with a clitoris, and suddenly it may grow into a penis and then you become a boy.”

Communicating with your partner about what you like and don’t like is important for being comfortable with oral sex, since people are especially vulnerable when their sex organs are completely exposed to their partner, said Fernando. The presenters urged people to ask questions with a limited set of options, rather than open-ended ones, when communicating about oral sex.

The presenters passed different kinds of vibrators, lubes, dildos, and other sex toys around to the audience.

Presenters demonstrated different techniques for better stimulation in both fellatio and cunnilingus on dildos, a strap-on, and a vagina-shaped hand puppet. They also referred the audience to books, websites, and DVDs to learn other techniques, since what works for one person may not work for another.

SEC held a raffle for participants at the end of the workshop and gave two free tickets to Sex Pub as prizes.

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