Next year’s executive team for the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) will be split between the two major slates that ran in the election.

Current SCSU Vice-President Equity Chemi Lhamo of the Shine Bright UTSC slate will be the next president, winning with 837 votes.

SCSYou’s presidential candidate Anup Atwal was disqualified from the race after receiving too many demerit points before the voting period began on February 5. According to the Elections Appeals Committee, Atwal had been disqualified for three separate violations of the Elections Procedure code (EPC), accumulating 45 demerits overall. An executive candidate with more than 35 demerit points is automatically disqualified.

On January 25, Atwal received 25 points for a “Gross Misrepresentation of Facts” after posting “Unapproved Material” on social media. The social media post “contained an unreported incident which contained broad accusations.” Atwal appealed the decision, removing five demerit points from the violation.

On February 1, Atwal received another 25 demerit points for “Malicious or Intentional Violation of this Code” after he uploaded another unapproved social media post and said a “direct and misleading” comment toward another candidate during the executive candidates’ debate.

SCSYou’s Carly Sahagian was elected Vice-President Academics & University affairs, besting Shine Bright UTSC candidate Raymond Dang, who currently sits on the student union’s board as Director of Political Science. The vote count was 837-594, with 82 spoiled ballots.

Also from SCSYou, co-president of the Pakistani Students’ Association Chaman Bukhari will be the next Vice-President External. Bukhari bested Shine Bright UTSC’s Kalkidan Alemayehu. The vote count was 790-602, with 61 spoiled ballots.

Shine Bright UTSC candidate Sarah Mohamed was elected as Vice-President Campus Life over independent Shehtabbanu Shaikh. SCSYou did not put up a candidate for the position. The vote count was 950-407, with 111 spoiled ballots.

After a close race for the positions of Vice-President Operations and Vice-President Equity, with a difference of less than five per cent between each candidate, an automatic recount was done. Rayyan Alibux of SCSYou won over Shone Bright UTSC’s Kevin Turingan for the position of Vice-President Operations. The final count was 711-671, with 107 spoiled ballots.

Tebat Kadhem, the SCSYou candidate for Vice-President Equity, won by a twelve votes over Shine Bright UTSC’s Leon Tsai for the position of Vice-President Equity. The final count was 708-696, with 90 spoiled ballots.

Of the 16 seats available on the Board of Directors, Shine Bright UTSC won nine, SCSYou won six, and an independent candidate won one.

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