Rise has universally defeated Reform in their bid to lead UTMSU next year.

The election was a heated one, the first in five years to feature two slates, and was rife with allegations that included both teams’ disqualification at one point.

The results will be official once they are ratified by the Elections and Referenda Committee.

Approximately 3,000–3,100 ballots were cast for each full-time executive. This represents about 25% turnout, higher than the typical 15% at UTM.

Only 55 ballots were cast for VP part-time, or about 5% turnout.


Executive Committee

Unofficial results of the executive election released today show that president-elect Ebi Agbeyegbe defeated Reform candidate Maaham Malik by a gap of 1,474 votes.

Unopposed Rise candidates Nour Alideeb and Amir Moazzami have been elected VP university affairs & academics and VP part-time respectively.

Current VP campus life Francesco Otello-DeLuca will be VP internal & services, defeating Muhammad Talha Mahmood. A total of 1,404 votes divided the two.

The widest gap was between Rise candidate Naveed Ahmed and Reform candidate Shreya Narang for VP external. Ahmed attained 76% of the vote, compared to Narang’s 24%.

The closest was between Rise VP equity candidate Zehra Ramsha and Reform candidate Rishabh Dev. Ramsha defeated Dev by 986 votes.


Board of Directors

Faiza Yousuf led the Division 2 board of directors with 1,939 votes, followed by Nikhil Chhabra, Ayesha Anand, and Valentina Botero-Guitierrez.

For Division 3, Farah Noori led with 1,827 votes, followed by Emerson Calcada, Maheen Farrukh, Falhad Mohamoud, Sana Chishti, and Hashim Yussuf. A total of 10 candidates ran for the seven available seats.

No candidates ran for Division 4 or 5, the part-time and Mississauga Academy of Medicine divisions respectively.

The positions will remain vacant until a by-election is held in the fall alongside the Division 1 election for first-year representatives.

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