On November 2nd, the University of Toronto Students’ Union reported hidden razor blades behind posters placed across the St. George campus to the U of T administration—the posters allegedly contained white supremacist content.

A Facebook post, directed to the U of T community at large, asked that individuals take extreme caution when handling the posters.

“We recently learned that there are razor blades hidden behind the white supremacist posters currently on campus,” the post stated, “Please be extremely careful. We’ve contacted the university administration and will provide updates as they become available.”

Since this post, no other updates have been provided on the UTSU Facebook account.

The University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union also posted a public Facebook message asking victims of the razor blades to consult a healthcare provider and to report their injuries to the Campus Police.

“We have been told that there are white nationalist posters across the St. George campus with harmful remarks on them. Some folks who have tried taking them down have been cut by razor blades hidden behind the posters.”

The Medium contacted Mathias Memmel, the president of UTSU, for further comment on the posters and reports of razor blades. He stated that the reports of “razor blades hidden behind white supremacist posters” were made on several occasions by members of the public.

“Several members of the public independently raised concerns about the posters,” said Memmel, adding that UTSU immediately raised concerns to the administration, who have since been working with the Toronto Police Service.

Memmel also explained that despite initial reports, neither the university nor the Toronto Police have been able to validate whether razor blades were embedded in the posters.

“The Toronto Police Service and the University of Toronto Campus Police have been unable to confirm the existence of razor blades,” he said.

In the past, U of T has been troubled by similar racially-motivated events. In September 2015, posters calling for a “White Students’ Union” were distributed across the St. George campus. Student club posters on the Hart House building were also defaced with anti-Indigenous slurs. Earlier this year, graffiti of a swastika was removed by UTM’s Campus Police in a Davis elevator.

The University of Toronto has not released a statement regarding the razors or the posters as of press time.


  1. The left cause this with their university indoctrination of “white privilege.” A napsack fantasy they promote as fact. They tell minorities they are the victim. In reality the minority is the victim of believing this hateful nonsense. Don’t they understand Newton’s law… For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!

  2. I love how #FakeNews calls that white supremacist when they screw up and actually show the thing. THAT is racist on a campus that has a “Studies” dept for every identifiable group promoting it’s superiority but probably has a “Whiteness Studies” dept about “White devils who must be destroyed”, the campus discriminates against white people and pays more than one Diversity and Inclusion person and probably has an entire dept dedicated to it, and in reality it is a “minimize white enrollment” program. But put up a poster saying nothing but “Its OK to be White” and you better not get caught because they will expel you and probably lock ya up.


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