An estimated 1,200 students attended the UTM Career Centre’s annual Summer Job Fair last Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The turnout was down from last year’s 1,600.

“The expectations of students attending this event varied,” said Michelle Atkinson, the coordinator of events and employment services. “Most students coming out to the event
were hoping to find a summer job some students expected large companies, such as Google Inc., to recruit employees on the spot, and others wanted any summer job.”

The ambassador for the Ontario public sector commented, “We were surprised about the
overall knowledge most students had when asking questions about the industry. They were very aware of the learning opportunities and the programs we have to offer.”

“I loved it,” said April Shim, a third-year student in theatre and drama studies. “I didn’t
spend much time here, as I had classes during the time of the fair, but for the half-hour I came, I really enjoyed how open
the employers were to everyone.”

Shim, like many students, came out on Wednesday hoping to find a summer job, and
found an opportunity to network and gain insight into various organizations’ hiring

The Summer Job Fair  has proven UTM’s best-attended fair over the years.

For more information about employment opportunities, job postings, and advice for job
applications, students are advised to visit the UTM Career Centre website.

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