The Campaigns and Advocacy Committee convened on February 14 to discuss campus events and the possibility of a Student Centre expansion.

Nour Alideeb, the president of the UTMSU, explained to the attendees that a student consultation for the expansion will be held on March 28.

The centre’s expansion referendum that was held in the 2013-2014 academic year failed, with 1618 students voting no, 1548 students voting yes, and 17 spoiled ballots.

Alideeb stated that in previous years, students have declined the proposition for an expansion because they disapproved the cost of the plan.

The committee reviewed what the expansion should provide if approved, including having more club spaces, since according to Alideeb and the attendees, UTM’s clubs currently have very limited storage space inside the building.

Students at the meeting said that the expansion could also provide more lounge spaces, as the Student Centre should be a place for the UTM community to “relax and talk to people.” Additionally, they discussed making the centre more accessible for individuals with mobility needs, since some members claimed that the current elevator is often unreliable.

Other suggestions by students included providing soundproof rooms for the music clubs on campus.

An additional event that was mentioned at the meeting was the “Expression against Oppression: Breaking the Chains,” which aims at bringing together groups from several ethnicities and backgrounds, such as indigenous, Muslim, and Black students.

The committee discussed the budget for providing t-shirts at the event, and voted unanimously to allot $700 from the UTMSU’s operating budget for their design and production. The t-shirts provided will be divided based on the corresponding ethnic minorities the event addresses.

The date of the event has not been disclosed at the meeting, as of press time.

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