With the end of the naming contest for UTM’s current North Building Phase 2 project ending this week, the new name will be announced sometime this week.

So far, submissions include “Building McBuildyFace,” while UTM Conservative Student’s Association has pitched to name the building after former Prime Minister Steven Harper and controversial U of T professor Jordan Peterson.

The administration organized a “Name that Building!” contest for UTM’s North Building Phase 2, which is projected to be completed by August 2018. Between February 12 to 25, the UTM community had the opportunity to submit possible names for the building through an online form.

According to Susan Senese, UTM’s interim chief administrative officer, a large committee including students, staff, faculty, and alumni will review submissions.

The top three chosen names will be recommended to UTM’s principal, Ulrich Krull, who will then take up the final choice with U of T Governance.

North Building Phase 2 will introduce more active-learning classrooms and provide office space for the departments of English and drama, philosophy, historical studies, language studies, political science, and sociology.

Senese did not specify if the winning name will receive any prize.

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