Orphan run raises funds

Last Thursday, participants in Orphan Runs annual Pie in the Face auction not only allowed students to pie their friends, they also helped raise money for orphan sponsorship in the process. The event was held in the Blind Duck and saw 250 students cheer on their friends as they tried to out-bid each other. The event lasted four hours and in total the auction raised over $1,500.

The highlight of the auction was when Shane Madhani, the manager for the Blind Duck was pied ten times and raised $500. The money will go towards sponsoring orphans. Just $300 can go towards providing food, shelter, clean water, clothes, and much more for one Orphan, for a whole year! said Orphan Run, VP internal, Raji Kaur.

The auction was the main attraction of Orphan Run Awareness Day which included, Pie in the Face, an information table set up  about Orphan run and information on orphans and orphanages around the world. Other activities included Hennah Tattoos  by Amirah Zubair, portraits drawn by Steve Khan, and bake sale and Nintendo wii was also set up for students to take part in.

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