Last Monday, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie’s motion to request the province pass legislation to make the city independent from the Region of Peel passed in City Council.

“Analysis shows we sent $85M to the Region to fund the growth of other cities. This is not fair to residents and businesses. Our money should go towards Mississauga priorities. We must be able to govern our affairs and set our vision without interference.” Crombie tweeted last Wednesday.

The motion calls on the provincial government to pass legislation that will consider Mississauga a “single-tier” municipality, allowing it to be governed municipally without a second layer of regional governance. The motion also calls for the city to maintain it’s current municipal borders.

In an interview with CBC Toronto, Crombie stated, “We see cities like Windsor, London, Guelph, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay… they’re single-tier, they’re independent. Why shouldn’t Mississauga have the ability to control our own destiny as well?”

Reacting to the news of Crombie’s motion, Brampton mayor Patrick Brown said, “Brampton for years has helped subsidize Mississauga’s water treatment centre and regional roads.”

In response, Crombie stated that Brown’s argument was “disingenuous,” citing the fact that Mississauga provides 59 per cent of funding to Peel, but has just 50 per cent of the vote at regional council.

Before finalizing its position on the matter, the city plans to hold a community meeting in early April.

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