Former UTMSU president Nour Alideeb has been re-elected to serve as the chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students in Ontario.

The chairperson is responsible for overseeing campaigns, representing the Federation at a provincial level, and working alongside government officials.

“The upcoming year will be very exciting as both provincial and municipal elections will be taking place,” stated Alideeb in an email to The Medium. “I hope to prioritize our newest campaign of the federation called ‘Fairness For Students’ which focuses on 12 different student priorities that impact the way students access post-secondary education.”

“Each of the 12 topics has a section outlining specific demands which were developed in conjunction with our coalition partners,” she added. “I love this campaign because it brings many of our currently existing campaigns and ties it into one beautiful package.”

Alideeb stated that the campaign will begin on February 1st and progress after the municipal elections.

CFS represents 29 post-secondary student unions in Ontario and over 80 student unions across Canada. All three U of T campuses currently maintain a membership with the CFS and require a fee to be paid through tuition.

The St. George student union, along with a local group called You Decide U of T, has advocated that U of T students should have the right to choose what organizations they wish to pledge a membership.

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