Since the construction of the new building on the UTM campus, everyone has been awaiting its official name. While students and faculty refer to it as the ‘New Building’ or simply ‘North’; the Medium decided to find out what the status for its name is.

In conversation with Jane Striling, she said that currently, there isn’t any new development. The committee that started the “Name the Building” initiative is still in its consulting phase.

Over 700 submissions were received through the initiative and popular opinion was that the building should have a name relating to the Indigenous community.

This was approved by the Principal and Vice-President Ulrich Krull.

Although the name for the building will not be finalized until Fall 2019, names related to nature, current and historical people and indigenous names are being considered. Until then the building is being referred to as the ‘new north’ based on the fact that it is built on the grounds of the original North Building.

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