New bus route for UTM

Last week, Mississauga Transit introduced a new limited-stop bus route, 101 — Oakville Express, that will travel between Oakville, UTM and the Islington subway station.

Route 101 — Oakville Express will run Monday to Friday during the morning and evening rush hours, departing UTM every 20 minutes. Identifying decals have been placed at all Oakville Express bus stops to help travellers identify the service.

The Route 101 — Oakville Express is the first limited-stop express service that travels along the Dundas Street corridor to the UTM campus, said Mississauga Transit director Geoff Marinoff in a City Hall press release. It provides a direct transit route to and from Oakville for UTM students and other passengers. It is also another Mississauga Transit service option along Dundas Street West for commuters going to and from the Islington subway station.

Route 101 shares several bus stops with Route 201 — Dundas Express along Dundas Street West between Westdale Mall and the Islington subway station. Commuters will continue to enjoy a 10-minute, combined-service frequency at these shared bus stops, said Marinoff.

The UTM student union, whose Ministry of Transportation has long campaigned for alternative methods of transportation, expressed satisfaction with the new route. [Its] a benefit to students from Oakville, allowing them transportation to UTM using the UPASS. It serves as encouragement toward alternative transportation and makes our campus even more accessible to students within and outside of Mississauga, said Maria Pilar Galvez, UTMSU VP University Affairs and Academics.

Passengers on the Route 101 — Oakville Express will also benefit from connections to Route 110 that travels between the Clarkson GO Station, UTM campus, South Common Mall and Square One.

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