Route 107 will help students commute from Square One to UTM faster.

This week, a new Mississauga Transit route will come into operation, cutting the travel time
from Square One Terminal to Westwood Mall roughly in half. Route 107 Malton express will work as an express route for those wishing to get from Square One to Westwood Mall faster and without changing buses.
Passengers of route 107 Malton Express will also benefit from connections to route 110, which takes passengers from Square One to the UTM campus.
Malton Express busses will run Monday through Friday and will be depart from stops, including Square One, every 15 to 16 minutes.
“The Route 107–Malton Express will offer passengers a faster way to travel between the City Centre Transit Terminal and Westwood Mall since the trip is about 25 minutes shorter than a comparable trip on other routes,” said Director of Mississauga Transit Geoff Marinoff in an interview with The Mississauga News. “The service also stops at Viscount Station at Toronto Pearson International Airport for passengers who want to board the LINK Train to Terminal 1 or Terminal 3.”
Those wishing to find more information about route 107 Malton Express or any other Mississauga transit route are asked to visit www.mississauga, phone Citylink at 905-615-4BUS (4287) or phone customer information at 905-615-INFO (4636).

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