On January 10, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie held the New Year’s levee virtually on YouTube due to Covid-19 restrictions. During this presentation, Mayor Crombie also addressed the issues the city faced in 2020—arguably the most challenging year yet for Mississauga. 

Currently, there are an estimated total of 16,055 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Mississauga, of which 311 have resulted in death. At the moment, there are around 226 active Covid-19 cases in the city.

During the New Year’s levee, Crombie stated that she plans to “ensure that residents receive the vaccine quickly and safely.”

More than 3,400 essential healthcare workers have already been vaccinated. Vulnerable people and seniors will soon be next to receive the vaccine. In fact, the province plans to vaccinate all long-term care (LTC) residents, healthcare workers, and essential caregivers by January 21.

In 2020, many residents suffered from financial issues; many lost their jobs, and many small businesses were forced to shut down. During the virtual event, Mayor Crombie addressed the struggles of small businesses and emphasized the city’s support of local business owners.

“The council and I are committed on continuing our advocacy on behalf of small businesses to the other levels of government to ensure that they get the supports they need to weather these next few challenging months so that they can recover, rebuild, and thrive once again” stated Crombie.

In the spirit of rebuilding, Crombie added that affordable housing will be built to ensure that all residents can afford a safe place to live in.

“In 2021 and beyond, we will remain focused on […] building a safe and sustainable community and ensuring that Mississauga is treated fairly and equitably by all levels of government,” continued Crombie.

The city will also be focusing on racial equity and addressing the struggles of minority communities by “working to end systemic racism in all its forms by addressing the inequities that racialized groups, indigenous people, and in particular, black communities continue to experience in Mississauga.”

Being one of the most diverse cities in Canada, Mississauga’s the city council hopes to keep ensuring residents live harmoniously and are all granted equal opportunities for success.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie believes that although 2020 was a tough year, Mississauga has made the best out of it. The new year will be “focused on breaking congestion and getting Mississauga moving again.”

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