The Medium’s Annual General Meeting saw a historic turnout with over 40 students and the first changes to their constitution and by-laws in the last six years.

The AGM required at least 40 eligible and current members of the UTM student body to be present in order for a motion to be passed. With there being approximately 43 students in attendance, changes to the constitution included the removal of the business manager as a job position and replacing it with the managing editor position.

Voting rights had been extended to both the managing editor and the design editor. The ad manager was also granted voting rights in the case of a tie in The Medium’s editorial board elections.

The financial statements were also approved, in which Fruitman Kates LLP. was named as the auditor for The Medium’s fiscal year ending in April 2018.

Besides the minor changes made in the constitution, the AGM saw the announcement of the winners for The Medium’s annual writing and photography competition.

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