An ongoing legal case between UTM Students for Life and UTMSU regarding UTMSFL’s stance on abortion and its status as a recognized club has not yet been resolved.

UTMSFL had previously stated on their website that last January, UTMSU denied to renew their club status for the year 2015-2016.

UTMSFL had also mentioned that they were unable to utilize the student union resources and campus resources, such as the Student Center, and were barred from participating during Clubs Week in September 2015.

Although a court date was expected to be set last June, Diane Zettel, an applicant in the case and former president of UTMSFL, told The Medium in an email that the case has not yet reached a hearing, and is currently pending amidst a similar case between a pro-life student club at Ryerson University and Ryerson University’s Students’ Union, of which the court has not yet made a decision.

“The court is waiting for this decision to be released before going to a hearing for the UTMSFL and UTMSU case,” said Zettel.

Zettel also mentioned that two executives from UTMSU, which she chose to keep undisclosed, were questioned on their affidavits, but no new developments have arisen since the case’s opening last March.

When asked for comment, Jackie Zhao, UTMSU’s VP internal stated to The Medium that he could not provide any information because he will need to speak to UTMSU’s lawyer first.

Zhao has not responded back to The Medium, as of press time.

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