Michael Ignatieff, the former leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, has secured a new half-time appointment at U of T’s Munk School of Global Affairs. He will also assume a new faculty position at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

As a native of Toronto and graduate of U of T (he majored in history), Ignatieff is pleased to secure the U of T placement. At the same time, he is also accustomed to life in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he completed his PhD at Harvard.

“I’m honored to be back at the Kennedy School, and I’m delighted to continue to teach young Canadians at the Munk School of Global Affairs,” Ignatieff said. “It’s a privilege to teach at these great schools of global affairs and public policy.”

He will focus on courses in human rights and international politics.

Janice Stein, the director of the Munk School, praised Ignatieff’s credentials as a celebrated political and global thinker.

“He brings a deeply global perspective to our biggest policy challenges and will work with our students to give them the analytic skills they need in today’s connected world,” Stein said.

Ignatieff has taught a few courses since the  election in 2011, when he retired from his political career. At the age of 65, Ignatieff has enjoyed many prestigious professorships, honorary degrees, and accolades.

Ignatieff has had an enduring and celebrated career in both academics and politics. He has also authored 17 books on a wide range of political and historical topics. Ignatieff is a member of the Queens Privy Council for Canada and he served as the leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Commons from 2009 to 2011.

The level of enrolment in his earlier courses and the excellent feedback that followed are a testament to the many students thrilled at the opportunity to learn from a contemporary political figure.

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